Microcosm in Macrovision

8 Sep

OK, so my fascination with Depeche Mode is approaching the level of obsession I used to have I was younger with musicians. The difference this time is it would be super weird for me to plaster my walls with photos of them. Whatever, they are a fucking great band and they create music that is simply amazing.

Anyway, I was driving home yesterday and was listening to “Macro” from Playing the Angel. Martin Gore is singing lead with Dave Gahan singing back up. This isn’t all too common (as I learned from reading Martin Gore’s wikipedia page yesterday). Right around the 3:30 mark they hit the second phrase of the chorus as an outro. Holy shit. That was my reaction. Actually, I believe it was “holy shit that is gorgeous”. Rewind. Listen again. “that is fucking brilliant”. It’s true. Gahan’s voice is eerie as it starts to crescendo and contrasts so fantastically with Gore’s that I find myself wanting to do nothing else but listen to that song, that tiny clip. It’s sort of possessing me.

My point: 1. I would have never thought to listen for that had I not read the wikipedia page earlier in the day and 2. It’s the rarely done but executed beautifully that creates some of the biggest impacts. We’re talking about a maybe 7 second (heh) clip here but I was absolutely blown away.

I often listen to a new cd or band and wonder “will this be the one that will change my life”? I long for that excitement and joy that comes from listening to something that resonates deep in my gut and soul. I can only say it’s happened a few times. “I Lied My Face Off” is probably the last time it happened although I feel like Hospitals hit me the same way. Ok, we’ll call the last one Hospitals. Regardless, it’s something I wish would happen more often but glad it doesn’t because it makes listening to new-to-me music that much more exciting. Listening to that tiny clip of “Macro” reminded me why I had a nice sound system in my civic and why I need to get a sub for my rabbit: somethings can only be heard while driving with the stereo up a little too loud.

So, yeah, Depeche Mode are the shit. I’m thinking about walking down the aisle to Nothing’s Impossible. I’ll be damned if I have a Depeche Mode-less wedding.

I miss playing music. Actually I think I miss the idea of being a musician (not that I could have ever been considered a musician in any way, shape, or form). Music has always been my biggest passion beyond any other fad based hobby or even photography. I’ll have to settle for listening to the work of other’s until I magically find a way to fit more hours in a day.

Wow that was some thought diarrhea…


Game of LIFE

12 Jul

Well, I graduated. Yay!

After being rejected from a job I thought I was certainly going to get I’ve started to re-evaluate some things. I’ve concluded that I’d rather go for a sure thing than take a gamble that has a small shot of a huge pay off.

I’m going to Law School.

Yep, after all the shit I’ve put myself through, I’m back on the path I originally set for myself when I was 17-18. I got to create some amazing work and meet some incredible people that I will never forget. However, the analytical (wordpress is telling me this isn’t a word) part of my brain, and more importantly my soul, has decided that going to school again, kicking my ass into submission, breaking down and building myself back up into a stronger person with a significantly more marketable skill set is the way to go. I’m hoping to be enrolled by Fall of 2013.

I could try for Fall of 2012 but that’s just a little more stress than I am really ready to contend with given the fact I’m getting married in a little less than 4 months and should have my application in by September 15th for early admissions.

So, there it is kids. I’m going to be the soulless lawyer I always wanted to become.

another amazing cat picture

24 Apr


4 Apr

What do you think Benjamin’s attitude towards the value of the “aura” is? Is it mainly positive or negative? or something else? What is your opinion of the value of “aura”?

I view his use of aura to be an analogy for provenance. Yes, provenance can be diminished through mechanical reproduction if the piece is truly dependent on a unique viewing experience. I can’t determine if he feels the aura is positive or negative but he sees it as something that is delicate and can be destroyed the instant it is copied.

Consider the idea of cult value vs exhibition value.

Cult value is implying some mystical or spiritual reason for the work to exist: prehistoric art being the only way to tell stories, religious works to be homage to gods, etc. Exhibition value is work created to show something whether it be a photograph of an empty street or painting to see how paint itself operates. I equate exhibition value to modernism. Work for the sake of the medium.

Consider replacing every appearance of the word “mechanical” with the word “electronic”. What does that do?

I don’t think it drastically changes the tone or the content of the reading but rather updates the ideas. Mechanical reproduction was the fear of many artists before and around the time this was written. It was a fear for some but embraced by others as a new method and process to utilize in art-making. The same is true for modern artists. Electronic reproduction can be terrifying for someone who depends on their work being an experience but can be pivotal to others in how the choose to share their work.

Find a few statements which seem totally irrelevant.

The whole Epilogue seems totally irrelevant. It jumps into this commentary about war and how it creates art and architecture…what?! Wasn’t this whole thing about experiencing art? That jump is abrupt and hard to follow.

Von Koten

4 Apr

Can you develop your own sense of ‘hot’ and “cool” media? What do you think Koten was trying to extract when he put “George Bush” in one category and “Bill Clinton” in another?

His definition of Hot and Cold are backwards to what I would consider Hot and Cold. I consider Hot to be requiring more energy to sustain as in chemistry where the more fluid the state of the element, the more energy required for that state to be maintained. Koten is the opposite. He states that for something to be hot it must have done all the work for the viewer and thus requires a low amount of participation by the viewer. I don’t disagree with his classifications of what is considered low participation and high participation but the way he classifies them (hot vs. cold) is counter-intuitive to me. Semantics, yeah, whatever.

I’m with him on his classifications until he starts putting in celebrities (white dudes, by the way). The whole notion of comparing Bush to Clinton is bizarre because at the time Bush is obviously going to require less participation to experience because he was president in 2005 and going to be much more in the media. If this was written in 1995 it’d be Clinton in hot and W. H. Bush in cold. Is he implying that Clinton requires a deeper intellect to appreciate and decode? Seriously? That’s some weird horse shit. /semi-conservative rant.


4 Apr

“The electric light is pure information”. Comment.

I agree. “The electric light is pure information. It is a medium without a message…” Light can be transformed into a number of media through various manipulations but light itself has no content. It is just light. How it is processed dictates the way that information is interpreted. Light passing through a lens to a photo-sensitive material will create a photographic image. The light created the image but not on its own, not without something forcing it to manipulate another medium.

What is the effect (or are the effects) of using Shakespeare to illuminate his point?

McLuhan is being extremely clever by using Shakespeare to demonstrate his point. He manipulates and edits pieces of Shakespeare’s work to create his point. Obviously there’s no way he was reference television in Romeo&Juliet. I think this proves McLuhan is well read and intelligent but I don’t see how quoting bits and pieces from a 16th century author really demonstrates his point. It’s manipulating written pieces to more perfectly demonstrate his point. I am tempted to discredit his works based on this because I personally find it to be trite and overly dramatic.

Book Assignment – Made Books

3 Apr

3) Zoo – Sara King. I throughly enjoyed this book. I thought she made some smart editing decisions and I really like the images. Yes, image quality could be better and I’d certainly love to see it larger but overall I think she did a great job. She had focused subject matter and it was consistent throughout the book.

4) I made this book as an exercise to see how a facebook album would look in a physical form. I’m not really happy with the result. I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t work. Most of my facebook photos are of “dudes hanging out” and I would never considering printing them again. It was interesting to see the result considering I had to make a really significant edit to get to the photos I used (which could have been edited further). I absolutely would not put this up for public purchase. There’s no way I would want this book to be associated with my art identity. I don’t mind sharing these photos with friends as a “hey look at the cool thing we did that one time” but this aren’t cool documentary feeling images; they are snapshots of a bunch of drunk dudes.